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About Us

We’re not the biggest website on the internet. In fact, I deliberately kept the design that way because our team isn’t about bombarding you with loads of irrelevant information you’re not interested in. What you will find is plenty of reviews on some of the best garbage disposers I think the market has to offer at the moment.

These reviews are honest, come from reliable sources, and are not about trying to manipulate you into buying something that will be of no use to you. After all, that wouldn’t do our reputation any good would it.

You may be wondering what gives me the right to tell you which disposers are best, and you have a point. However, I have worked in kitchen re-modeling and the sale of new kitchens for a long time now. With some help from my trusted “techies”, I have put together a totally unbiased opinion on each of the models you will find on the following pages.

I believe our approach is one of the more unique you will find on the internet. Our site isn’t full of flashing or banner ads which even I think can be very annoying. You also won’t be forced to look at pages you’re not interested in, and you most certainly will not be asked to “buy it now”!

I hope you enjoy our little creation, but what I hope for most is that you can at last end your search for the perfect garbage disposer.
Happy browsing from Doug and the team!

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