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Garbage Disposal Accessories: Useful or Not?

I can forgive people for thinking that once you’ve bought a garbage disposer, that’s the end of your outlay. However, as with many other (if not all) kitchen appliances there is always room for more! When I say more I do of course, mean accessories.

There are many garbage disposal accessories out there, but not all of them will suit your individual needs, which is why I thought it would a good idea to add this page. So less of the reason why this information is here and more about what’s available on the market!

Splash Guards

The splashguardThe clue is in the name. Basically, a splash guard for your garbage disposer will stop you from getting wet when you’re using it. These come in an array of designs and pretty much all manufacturers offer them as an addition to this kitchen appliance.

Personally, I only think they’re useful for reducing sound or if you happen to have a particularly deep sink in your kitchen. Or, oddly enough they can be very useful if you’re having a problem with certain “little” people dropping large objects into the unit which are not meant to be ground up!


I’ve added this accessory second on my list because I was reminded of it when I thought of “little” people. Or indeed, “big” people who are prone to dropping things. There has, I’m sure, been many a precious ring or small toy lost down a garbage disposer either because of a slip of the finger or because someone decided “Toby the Teddy” didn’t deserve to experience life anymore!

Disposal stopperA stopper will prevent this from happening, but not only that it adds to the safety of your disposal unit especially if it operates on continuous feed. In fact, I can’t think of a reason why anyone wouldn’t have an accessory like this considering they’re not generally expensive to buy.

You may also have come across the term “disposer flange” which can also be used on the same way as a stopper.

Dishwasher Connectors

Dishwasher connectorIf you have a fairly new dishwasher, I honestly can’t think of a good reason to connect the drain to your garbage disposal. Nothing big enough to grind will come out of your dishwasher anyway, so why bother?

As a matter of fact, this set up may even clog the dishwasher drain if you don’t grind your foods immediately, so unless you have an old dishwasher I would simply not use this.

Sink Top Switch

the sink top switchAs is my way, I tend to save the best until last. This type of garbage disposal accessory can really help you out if your kitchen isn’t that conveniently designed, as far as access to power is concerned. In fact, a sink top switch can help with all sorts of situations.

This is especially useful for people who have trouble with mobility. Switches like this are designed to be around water, so the chances of you getting an electric shock are minimized as well.

All in All

As I say many times throughout my website, the choice is yours. It’s not up to me to decide if something is worth your while. I just hope you’ve managed to find some “food” for thought above!

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