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Reviews and General Information on Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Buying Considerations

On this page of our website, you will find some basic information on what you should consider before you purchase a garbage disposer. You will probably find I have aimed this more towards people who are purchasing a kitchen appliance like this for the first time. However, if you already have a waste disposal you might still find there is something you could have missed.


This is the first thing we all think about. But, cheapest isn’t always best.
There are some fantastic brands on the market that don’t cost very much, but they tend to have less in the way of power and don’t always meet the specific needs you might have.

On saleMy advice here is to take a look at some of the cheaper brands I’ve reviewed for you throughout our website (the Waste King L-111 and GE GFC520V for example), but make sure you’re happy with what they will deliver.


This is something we tend to forget. Obviously, the more powerful your garbage disposal is, the large it tends to be (and the less room you have for cleaning utensils).

Big garbage disposalSome manufacturers are doing a very good job by using technology that allows them to deliver on power but save on space.

For the most part, you should consider how much space you can do without under your sink.
Indeed, you should also think about whether or not your chosen waste disposer will even fit under your sink!

Type of Waste

One of the biggest complaints I come across from my customers and through my research on the garbage disposer reviews you’ll find here is the fact that some of them will not deal with the type of waste you want to throw down your sink.

Type of waste your disposer can havePlus, if you have a family, the amount of organic waste your kitchen produces will be far higher than say, a household that has just one or two people. So you’re likely to need a unit that will grind up more fruit and vegetable peels, not to mention the odd few meat bones.

Now, manufacturers are usually very good at telling you what type of waste a particular model will deal with. But one of the reasons I decided to create this review site is because although a certain garbage disposal professes to deal with more difficult waste such as bones, you need to know if this is true and if you can do it all the time, or just on the odd occasion.

I have reviewed garbage disposers that use certain technologies to help deal with more difficult waste. If you want to find out more about this, take a look at the garbage disposal grind stages page on our website. This page should help you make a decision about the model that will suit you best.

These are just a few of the more obvious things you should consider before you purchase a garbage disposer. It may seem like a trivial kitchen appliance that doesn’t need much thought, but given the information above it’s easy to see why people are not always happy with the model they choose.

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