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The Noise Factor in Garbage Disposers

Aside from price, the noise factor in garbage disposals is something that seems to be next on the list of requirements, and for good reason.

If you’re reading this and you’re looking for a new garbage disposal, I’ll bet one of the reasons is because you can’t stand the noise anymore. There are a couple of issues that will leave your dreading having to switch your unit on.
One is because you’ve had it for a good number of years and well, the parts inside are old and “cranky”. The other is your disposer has been misused in some way which has caused the moving parts to become less than the well oiled machine they once were.

Getting away from the fact that the kids probably turn the T.V up, and you have to shout to make yourself heard when your current disposer is switched on, there are some considerations when making a new purchase.

Why the Noise?

mountingThe reason why you get noise is usually not so much from the garbage disposal itself, but because of the vibration that’s transmitted from the disposer to your countertop or sink.

Some units, (as you’ve probably gathered browsing the reviews) are much cheaper than others. There is a reason for this. All waste disposers do the same job, but one of the things the more expensive ones do is make use of noise reducing technologies. First and foremost, this means paying attention to the mounting system.

There are plenty of models where manufacturers have tried to make the best of noise reduction as well as keep the price down for the consumer. Waste King are a very good example of this.

How Noise Reduction Works

mountingAside from mounting, insulation is the key. The more expensive models will have additional insulation around the moving parts within. Some brands also have things like anti-vibration tail-pipes or sink mounts, and some manufacturers have gone another step further and looked to the sink baffles (which can add to the amount of vibration you experience). In fact, there are a good many brands you will find as you look through our website that have placed the amount of noise produced practically to the top of their list.

If you were looking for a more technical appraisal of the noise factor in garbage disposers, I apologize. I’m not an expert, and should therefore not talk about the more in-depth “ins and outs” of how garbage disposers work. Plus, many readers will not necessarily want to know what it is that keeps them from putting their hands over their ears every-time it’s switched on, they just want to know it will do the job at hand effectively and quietly.

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