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Garbage Disposal Grind Stages

If you’ve been looking through our website, you will no doubt know that I’ve spent a lot of time writing up some reviews on the types of waste disposer you can buy. Hopefully, you’ve already found some really good information. However, I though it prudent to add a few information pages as well. After all, there’s no point in deciding on a particular model if you’re not sure exactly what it can and can’t do.

olde grinderSomething you will notice is many manufacturers will tell you the number of grinding stages a particular model has. If you’re not sure what this means I’m about to let you know.

Grinding and the stages involved is basically how fine your waste becomes before it’s sent into your sewage system or septic tank.

Essentially there are three stages:

Stage 1

The most common models on the market will only use one stage during the grinding process, and this means you will be limited to the type of waste you can deal with. This type of model will also need a lot of water passed through it when you’re getting rid of your waste, to help it pass through the pipes.

One stage garbage disposers are the least expensive of them all, so if you intend to use yours for more difficult items such as small bones etc, it might be worth finding more money in your budget.

Stage 2

Of course, it’s obvious your waste will go through 2 stages when it’s been ground up. The first does exactly the same job as units that only have 1 stage. However, the second stage is where the food is literally liquefied.

This helps to reduce the amount of jams you can experience with one stage grinders. It also means you can get rid of more stubborn waste like fruit and vegetable peels, and even the odd few small bones.

Stage 3

I think you get the idea by now. Yes, this type of garbage disposer will do both stages 1 and 2.

However, it will then go on to a third stage which does more than just literally liquefy the food. Models that have this many stages will even cut grains of rice into smaller pieces! In fact, you will find you can get rid of all sorts of organic waste that’s more fibrous or harder than most other things. You also benefit from little to no jams or clogging.

Sure, garbage disposers that have a 3 stage grinding process will be more expensive. But, if you have a lot of waste coming out of your kitchen that needs a little more power when it’s being grinded up, this type will suit you best.

My best tip for a three stage system: the InSinkErator Evolution Excel(reviewed here).

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