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About Horsepower and Grind Capacity

For people who are new to garbage disposers, how they work and what they can do, I thought I would just add a quick few words on both horsepower and grind capacity. Everywhere you look, you will find both of these features mentioned, and unless you’ve owned at least one of these kitchen appliances, you probably won’t really know what it’s all about (unless you’re that way inclined).

As you’ve probably gathered from the heading to this page, it’s all about how powerful your garbage disposer is and how much waste it can handle in one go.


one horsepower
Just like a car, the horsepower in a garbage disposer is measured by its speed and size. Most models range from 1/3 to over 1 horsepower, and the larger the motor, the more expensive they are.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a cheaper model with the same amount of horsepower as another. For that reason, I’ve mixed it up a bit with the reviews you will find on our website.

If you want to, you can take a look at some of the better known brands such as Waste King and InSinkerator. These are the two most popular manufacturers on the market and the competition between them is stiff, so if you’re looking for say 1/3 horsepower, try taking the time to browse both so you can compare them.

Grinding Capacity

The same can be said of grinding capacity (except you shouldn’t find this in a car). The larger the capacity, the more waste you can get rid of at any one time.

waste capacityIt seems kind of obvious to say, but the larger and more powerful your disposer is, the more it will be able to do. Models with a good deal of horsepower behind them tend to have more robust motors so they last longer. However, you should consider the amount of waste you want to get rid of.

In my opinion, if there are only one or two people in your household, the lower capacity and horsepower units will do just fine. If you have a family, you should really consider something on the more robust side.

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