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InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposal Review

The Facts about Installing a Badger under Your Sink

No, we haven’t suddenly gone back to a time that can be described as something you might see in the Flintstones. I used this title because it reminded me of a funny story attached to the InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP garbage disposal, which is a model the company I work for has been carrying for some time now.

What Badger?!

One day, an installer I happen to get along with very well returned from a job with a huge smile on his face. I automatically thought he was just happy it was Friday and the weekend was almost upon him. It turns out (although he was happy it was Friday) that the smile he was wearing was due to a slight misunderstanding that had occurred between husband and wife on his last installation.

It all started the minute my co-worker arrived at their home to install their new garbage disposal unit. This was meant to be a surprise for the lady of the house because she had been complaining about the amount of food waste they were producing, and her husband had organized for the installation to be completed just prior to her arriving home from work.

Unfortunately for everyone, said wife arrived home early and obviously heard the words “badger” and “under the sink” in the same sentence which caused a certain amount of panic. My co-worker and the customer’s husband were suddenly met with “what do you mean there’s a badger under the sink”!

InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal

InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal

There were some wry smiles and it took a few seconds to explain that a furry wild animal had not taken up residence in their kitchen.

InSinkErator Badger 5 Characteristics

Of course, the husband was very proud of his little surprise and went on to tell his wife all about their new appliance while my co-worker got on with the installation. This must have been his review…

Types of Food You Can Dispose Of
You can put anything from fruit peel, coffee grounds and even chicken bones down the new Badger 5 and although it’s only ½ horsepower, it will literally liquefy the food so it goes into the sewage system without a problem. Oh, and before you say anything it’s designed to work with our septic tank.

It’s got galvanized steel parts and a one stage grinding system. (OK, he lost her here), but when he told her it would be installed so she could power it on and off with the flick of a wall switch, she seemed to “come back into the room”.

This point went down well because my co-worker learned that the customer’s wife was conscious about how much energy they use. He went on to tell her InSinkErator’s claim that this model will use less than 1% of the average amount of water in a typical household.

The Price
Of course, this was the next question on the good lady’s lips and when she was told how much it had cost with installation included, the smile suddenly widened. My co-workers parting view was of a very happy wife and a husband who knew he had done the right thing (for once)!

If you’re also interested, you can pick it up here. But to be honest, I think you can get a better garbage disposer for LESS money. The Waste King L-2600 is about $10 cheaper, but much more reliable (the Badger 5 has a tendency to break and leak).

And a mere $15 extra would even buy you the powerfull 3/4 Hp Waste King L-3300. You can read my review here and/or check the price here

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