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InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Review
Best Batch-Feed Garbage Disposal

Quiet and Easy to Install – What More Could You Want!

Well, there is a good deal more you might want from your garbage disposer, but I chose the heading to this review because ease of installation and a kitchen appliance that doesn’t blow your eardrums when it’s switched on appears to be two of the most important factors for many customers. I know this because I’ve sold a lot of these based on this alone.

However, the InSinkErator Evolution cover control garbage disposer has a lot more going for it than the two positives I’ve already mentioned.
Let’s take a look at what you can expect:

InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage Disposer
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Revolutionary Safe Operation

This model is a batch feed garbage disposer which, for many people, is preferable to a continuous feed due to the added safety it offers. What’s different about this one is the technology that’s used. It has something called a Magnetic CoverStart Activation system. I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful and I’m sure you’ll be showing off to everyone that your new garbage disposer has that “magnetic activation thingy”, but the way it works is pretty revolutionary.

Many other models on the market, both continuous and batch feed, will start the motor once you flick the power switch. Not so with this one! For added safety, you have to place the cover over the chamber and align the magnets (you have two on the cover and two on the disposer). Once the magnets are in contact with each other, only then will the unit begin to grind your waste.

Personally, I love this idea and that’s why it’s top of my list.

Noise Levels

To be honest, for most people there aren’t any noise levels! I’ve even had customers tell me they find it hard to know if the motor is actually running. This really is a personal issue because some people notice noise more than others.

However, you should know that InSinkErator has sound reducing technology that makes this model up to 60% quieter than others of this size on the market. This is because they’ve incorporated the SoundSeal system, which means there is plenty of insulation around the motor and it includes an anti-vibration tailpipe and sink mount. You also benefit from a quiet collar sink baffle.


For most people this should be an absolute breeze, even if you’re replacing your current garbage disposer with this one. It comes with easy to follow instructions and uses a 3 bolt quick lock system. In fact, if you are replacing a disposer, the chances are it will just be a “twist and fit” operation.


Not only does this garbage disposer have a ¾ horsepower motor, it also has 2 grinding stages. This means your waste will be literally liquefied before it’s sent into your sewage system. This makes it perfect for family households that need to get rid of all sorts of organic waste every-day.


Of course, you will want your disposer to last as long as possible and InSinkErator are so confident this unit is robust enough to last, they will offer you a 7 year in-home warranty that includes both parts and labor.

This may not be the cheapest unit on the market, but it makes up for that based on all the reasons I’ve stated above.
If you’re interested in finding out more, why not take a quick peek here at Amazon. They have some pretty amazing deals on right now, but you should be quick because these change regularly.

There’s one thing I have to add though, and that’s if you don’t really need a secure batch feed system, you can save yourself some money with continuous-feed garbage disposers like the InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential or even the Waste King L-8000.

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