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InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential Review
Best Value Power-Garbage-Disposer

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Garbage!

I happen to live in a part of the US that has hot summers and cold winters. There is a good deal I love about summer but there is also a good deal I don’t! One of my biggest “bug bears” was the amount of organic waste you end up with in the home, and during hot months it doesn’t take long for this to become a nuisance. Sure, you can take the trash out more often, but you still get those annoying insects hanging around. Not to mention the smell that left-over food can produce.

We did have a garbage disposal in our kitchen but the trouble was it would quickly jam or stop working altogether if we put anything more than the odd few left-over vegetables or mashed potato down it. Considering I sell kitchens and kitchen appliances, it wasn’t long before my better half gave me a good telling off about the fact we had one of the worst garbage disposal units in the neighborhood, and quite rightly too.

InSinkErator Evolution Series

We carry many models of garbage disposers, among them are those made by InSinkErator. Now, this is where being a sales person comes in really handy (apart from the staff discount). Customers are not afraid to tell you exactly what they think about the appliances they’ve bought so I can count on them to tell me the truth.

It just so happens I have a regular customer (he’s a bit of a DIY enthusiast so there’s always something he wants to buy at our store), and he came by one day. I remembered he had recently purchased the InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential garbage disposer from us so I set about quizzing him on how it was working.

InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential

InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential
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What followed was a lengthy conversation that would take me forever to relay to you so what you’ll find below are the major points that should help with your decision about the InSinkErator Evolution Essential.

Best Things About the Evolution Essential

  • It has a two stage grinding process which means you can put all manner of food items down it. I was told it would easily deal with things like potato peels, various meats with bones in it, and difficult vegetables like celery.
  • The Evolution Pro Essential is really quiet because of the Sound Seal system. This is the main reason I bought this one, because statistics say it’s 40% quieter than many other models on the market.
  • The quiet collar sink baffle (which also helps keep noise down) is antimicrobial so bacteria are kept to a minimum.
  • It works with continuous feed so you can happily go about liquefying all that leftover food without any interruptions.
  • Oh, and one last point. It has a ¾ horsepower motor so it’s pretty robust.

These are just some of the benefits I learned from my customer that day, and as a result I now have one installed in my kitchen. I have a happy wife, no nasty smells from rotten food and the trash men are happier as well.

If I haven’t managed to convince you so far, take a look at what others have had to say at Amazon, I’m not the only one that’s really happy with this unit!

Oh, and if you’re looking for even more power you can take a look at the 1 Horsepower InSinkErator Evolution Excel which I’ve also reviewed on our website.

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