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Reviews and General Information on Garbage Disposals

Removal, Replacement and Installation

Oh dear! If I had a penny for every customer I’ve come across that wanted to return their garbage disposal because they’ve had trouble with installing it, I would probably be able to retire! People get very frustrated not just with the instructions that come with various models, but if their chosen unit doesn’t simply snap into place, they give up.

Sure, a good many people do turn to a professional plumber but this does add to the overall cost of your garbage disposer. Plus, it can be a bit embarrassing when, as the man of the house, the rest of your family stands by as the plumber takes no less than 10 minutes to fit the unit you’ve been struggling with for hours!

The truth is that whilst some manufacturers are not very good at explaining how to install, remove or replace a garbage disposer, it can actually be a very simple DIY job. You do however need to make sure you take some safety precautions before you even think about opening up the box with your new waste unit inside!

Safety Precautions

The first thing to think about is power. Believe it or not, people do forget that you should make sure the electric is completely turned off before you do anything else.

Only use the tools you’re advised to, and don’t improvise in anyway unless you know what you’re doing. If you do, this could result in a trip to the emergency room.


It’s very easy to lose your patience when you’re undertaking a job like this on your own. If you find you’re starting to try and force something into place, take a break. There have been many times I’ve dealt with “attempted” returns from customers only to find that certain items look like they’ve been smashed to pieces with a jack-hammer!

The Job at Hand

Anyway, enough of what advice I have to offer you. After all, I haven’t told you anything about how you can go about completing a job like this. The reason for that is I thought it would be far easier for you to follow some tips from someone who has done this type of thing time and again.

The following two videos both give step-by-step instructions on how you go about removing, replacing and installing your garbage disposal, and the best thing about these videos is you can stop them at each step.

Just remember (especially if this is your first time doing this), take your time and you should have a working garbage disposer before you know it.

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