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Waste King L-9940 Garbage Disposal Review

Proof Anyone Can Embrace Technology

I’m a family person. I spend a lot of my free time with family, and I’m lucky enough that a number of generations live in close proximity to each other. I also believe there is a lot to be learnt from the older generation, but sometimes they are just too stubborn over embracing the world of “gadgets” as my grandma puts it.

Those Darn Garbage Disposal Gadgets…

Aside from my mother, grandma is one of the most important people in my life. On one recent visit to my grandma’s house (which, I have to say was more about the homemade apple pie than anything else), I brought up the subject of a garbage disposal.

The instant response was “why would I need one of those gadgets, I can just use the trash can”! This was the problem for me. Grandma cooks a lot and if you like being in the kitchen, you’ll know just how much organic waste this can produce. I would say that a fairly large percentage of the garbage grandma throws out could be ground to nothing more than a pulp and sent into the drainage system.

Introducing the Waste King L-9940 Plan

I formed a plan! I started to leave leaflets around the house explaining what a garbage disposer was, and how it can help with keeping the amount of waste produced to a minimum. The Waste King L-9940 Legend Series 3/4 HP seemed a perfect match; a great allrounder and one of the best garbage disposals we sell.

These were the points I was trying to get across to grandma:

Waste King L-9940 garbage disposer

Waste King L-9940 Garbage Disposer
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Grinding Components
As well as the stainless steel components being insulated (which will reduce noise), the grinding chamber is made of glass filled nylon. According to one of the technical experts at work, this reduces the amount of corrosion that can happen with a lot of other models.

Latest Continuous Feed Technology
Simply put, this means you can switch the unit on and keep shoveling in all that waste. On top of that, you get a splash-guard and reset button which even grandma could use.

In-Home Warranty
I thought this one would really grab grandma’s attention. Waste King will come and replace the unit at your home if it’s 8 years old or less. Not only that, they offer a life-time warranty against corrosion (even I was impressed with this little snippet of information).

What Happened Next
I was expecting to be met with some resistance and a good deal of complaining about how I was trying to play the manipulation game. However, a few weeks later I walked into grandma’s kitchen to hear the Waste King whirring away whilst she was putting all manner of organic waste into the unit.

My face must have given everything away because I was just met with a knowing wink, and the comment “don’t worry, I bought it and had installed by the company you work for”.

Now, I understand we can’t help you all, so if you’re also interested you can pick it up here. But before you do, I encourage you to read the Waste King L-l8000 review. This powerfull 1HP garbage disposal costs less than $10 more and is well received throughout the industry.

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