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Waste King A1SPC Knight Review

Grind, Grind and Grind Some More!

For me, Waste King is one of the few manufacturers out there that pays a lot of attention to the type of waste you can conveniently “stuff” down your waste disposal, and this model proves it. It’s 1 horsepower which in this case equates to 2,700rpm (revs per minute).

It also has a magnet motor which is permanent and uses something called one pass technology. This means most waste will disappear before your eyes, but bear in mind the unit does have its limitations. That’s not to say it won’t do away with tough fruit or vegetable peel, it might just take a bit longer – there’s only so much you can get out of this motor.

Waste King 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal Knight

Waste King A1SPC Knight
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The unit is a continuous feed type of disposer, which means you can grind as you peel. This makes things much easier and tidier when you’re cooking, or when you want to do away with leftovers without too much fuss. Plus, this garbage disposer is well revered for not jamming due to the addition of stainless steel impellers that swivel.

More on One Pass Technology

Don’t worry, I’m not about to baffle you with science, especially if this is your first time looking for a garbage disposer. If you don’t know, some models have a number of chambers or grinding stages within them. This one however, doesn’t!

Basically, the minute your waste hits the impellers, it’s pulverized in one swoop. This reduces the amount of jamming that can occur, and also means you can get rid of hard to grind waste most units of this type can’t handle.

Will It Last and Is It Noisy?

The first answer is yes, and the second is a “resounding” no! The garbage disposer comes with a lifetime warranty that’s synonymous with Waste King. This covers all replacement parts and labor, but do bear in mind that if you jam a fork or other utensil into the unit, the warranty will more than likely be invalidated.

That said if you suffer any defects on materials, or parts stop working due to wear and tear, they will be fixed. And get this! The manufacturer offers an “in-home” service so you don’t have to uninstall the unit in order to return it.

As for noise, I’ve come across next to no complaints. All the stainless steel parts have been insulated with the same materials used to sound proof music studios, so the manufacturer has spared no expense in that respect. As for corrosion, you benefit from a grinding chamber that’s made from glass filled nylon so it’s just about as study as they come.
Plus, you shouldn’t forget that if you do get an issue with corrosion, which is pretty unlikely, you can fall back on the lifetime warranty.

The “Ifs and the Buts”

I would advise you of one thing, and that’s to check the amount of space you have under your sink since this is where your garbage disposer will be housed. It’s actually larger than it looks (almost 9 x 9 x 15 inches) so don’t hit that purchase button until you’re sure it will fit.

Installation is advertised as a snap and lock system which makes life much easier if you’re replacing an old unit. However, as with all kitchen gadgets like this you might come across a couple of problems if you’re current set-up is a little “outside the box”.

For the Money….

I’m a big believer in accepting that not everything in life is perfect, but if you ask me for the money, this garbage disposer is well worth it. It’s quiet, grinds hard to get rid of waste many models can’t handle and of course, comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you think this might be the garbage disposer you’ve been looking for, take a peek at Amazon, but beware because the deals on price might make you choke on your coffee (in a positive way!).

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