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Waste King L-3300 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Review
Best Budget Power Garbage Disposer

No Fuss, No Mess, Just Good Honest Waste Disposal!

If I had a penny for every time someone complained about their waste disposal unit, I would be a rich man! It’s not because manufacturers are not doing the best by their customers, it’s mostly because people don’t recognize they have a shelf-life (well, it seems to be that or the fact that people don’t realize that if you drop a knife or some other metal implement down the hole while it’s still running you’re going to end up with a noise problem and one broken garbage disposer).

Replace your Garbage Disposal in Time

The other thing that seems to happen is once a kitchen appliance like this breaks, it’s last on the list for replacement. Until, of course, you get fed-up of filling yet another trash can with all sorts of things that can go rotten and start to smell.

This is one of the reasons I decided to bring this website to the internet. I’m not a “font of all knowledge” in terms of the technical details behind garbage disposers, but I do believe they play a really important role in the kitchen.

Why? I hear you ask.
Well, for one thing they keep the amount of natural waste you throw out to a minimum (which means you’re actually doing something to help the environment)
But more importantly, it makes life in the kitchen much easier. You can flick a switch and just watch all those fruit and vegetable peels disappear like magic, so you don’t end up with garbage hanging around the home that can attract all sorts of nasty bugs.

Waste King L-3300 3/4 Horse Power Garbage Disposer

Waste King L-3300 3/4 HorsePower Garbage Disposer
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The Waste King L-3300

So, if you’re reading this and have looked towards your kitchen sink thinking “I really must replace that disposal unit”, read on and see what I have to say about the Waste King L-3300 continuous operation garbage disposer. This is actually part of the Legend range by Waste King, and it’s one of the larger models they have.

Here’s what you can expect from it:
The L-3300 has a ¾ horsepower motor and runs at 2,700rpm. This is about as technical as I can get for this review (after all, I sell them not make them), but what it does mean is you have a unit that’s powerful enough to deal with all types of organic household waste.

As with a lot of other models, this one has a continuous feed so you can just keep on shoveling all those peels in. However, this one has stainless steel swivel impellers which reduce the number of times your unit can jam. Add to this the removable splash guard and you really have a disposer that’s easy to use and won’t make much mess.

Another good thing is the stainless steel parts are insulated, which makes this one of the quietest models on the market. And the chamber inside is glass filled nylon which means NO corrosion or you will get a replacement.

And the best until last

With this particular model, you will receive a life-time warranty on parts that can corrode and a whopping 10 year in-home warranty for any mechanical defect you might get.

Not only that, the price will make your jaw drop as well. If you take a look at Amazon, they’re currently slashing the price for this one and it will cost you a mere $99 (Check here to see if that price is still valid)! I could work out how much that would be over 10 years but it’s hardly worth typing out the figure!

However, if you’re unsure if 3/4 Hp is enough for your needs, you should definitely read my review on the Waste King L-8000. For a mere $20 extra you would get a 1Hp model which also happens to be the best selling garbage disposal around (and not without reason).

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