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Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal Review
Best Budget Garbage Disposer

Handy Waste Disposal without the Price Tag!

If you’ve already had a look around our website, you will have an idea of what I do for a living. I actually have a real interest in interior design as a whole and I’m also all about making jobs around the home as easy as possible.

I’m sure I must irritate some of my co-workers at times because I’m always asking about the “ins and outs” of various appliances we have in our range. From a professional point of view, it’s necessary for me to know at least the basics. After all I can’t sell something I know nothing about it!

Budget Meets Quality

One thing I have noticed over the years is that people want modern, easy to use appliances that don’t cost the earth. Given the current economic climate, I can fully understand this and I happen to think that many manufacturers have done a great job bringing various products to the market that are robust, and don’t cost very much.

One such unit is the Waste King L-111 continuous operation garbage disposer. In my humble opinion, I think this is one of the best priced disposers out there, and Waste King has not scrimped on design or quality. How they manage to do this I don’t know, but the fact I consistently have customers asking for this model because they’ve heard good things means the manufacturer must be doing something right!

Waste King L-111 Reviewed

So, what do you get with this disposer? Here’s my review…

Waste King L-111 garbage disposer

Waste King L-111 garbage disposer
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One of the most popular reasons I have people asking about this model is because they want extra space under their sinks which is currently being taken up by the unit that was installed when they moved into their home. The L-111 is the perfect solution to this problem because it’s neatly designed and won’t take up much space.

Easy to Install
I really shouldn’t be saying this considering we do installations but, I have to be honest, you really won’t need a professional to install this for you. In fact, I had one customer comment that it only took 10 minutes to have the thing up and running!

If necessary, you can check our video-page on garbage disposal replacement to make it even easier.

Waste King is one of the best when it comes to warranty. This particular model comes with a 2 year in-home warranty. This means should anything go wrong, you won’t have to take the unit out and return it; everything will be done in your home for you.

One reason this manufacturer can afford to offer such extensive warranties is due to the fact that you probably won’t need to use it. During one of my conversations with our technical department, I found out this garbage disposer has a grinding chamber and drain housing that’s corrosion free. This is one of the biggest reasons waste disposers can break down and Waste King have got the problem “knocked”!

Although this little unit is a mere 1/3 Horsepower it makes up for this in speed. When you switch the unit on, it runs at 1900rpm (another little tip I picked up from technical).

The Price
Now, this is probably what you’ve all been waiting for, and you may not believe your eyes when you see that Amazon currently have these on offer at just over $50 with free shipping! (last time I checked)
Personally, I think anyone who is looking for a decent waste disposer at a good price should really think about this model.

The Waste King L-1001 and L-2600 are both slightly more expensive, but at 0.5 horsepower they can also deal with bigger and tougher chunks of waste. In my opinion they are the perfect budget step-up.

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